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Candy Buy Back Halloween 2016 Corona

Halloween 2017 Candy Buy Back

Good news! We are continuing the tradition of buying your kids' candy after Halloween! In... Read more
corona invisalign wearers

What Should I Consider Now That I’m an Invisalign Wearer?

To make the most of out of your Invisalign treatment, proper care and use is important. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by your dentist and commit to a strict dental hygiene routine to further... Read more

Understanding Braces – A Corona Orthodontist Answers Questions About the Discomforts of Wearing Them

Understanding Braces – A Corona... Read more

Choosing Invisalign: Corona Dentists Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing Invisalign: CoronaRead more

Meet Your Corona Orthodontist – A Dental Practitioner Answers FAQs

Meet Your Corona Orthodontist – A Dental Practitioner Answers FAQs

Meet Your Corona Orthodontist – A Dental Practitioner Answers FAQs

Here at All Smiles Orthodontics and Children's Dentistry, we frequently get questions about... Read more
orthodontist in corona

An Orthodontist In Corona Turn to Explains Common Problems Faced By Kids With Braces

Young people often neglect proper oral care for a number of reasons, and as such, they are quite prone to dental problems. Kids who wear braces are especially susceptible to more problematic issues because... Read more
braces in corona

Advice from Dental Experts in Corona: Braces, and How Kids Can Be Encouraged to Take Better Care of Them

Corona braces can be used to rectify several dental issues including overcrowded teeth, malocclusions and overlapping teeth. However, these are not fashionable accessories your... Read more

A Corona Orthodontist Shares Tips for Helping Kids Become More Comfortable With Braces

It's very common to see braces in children as young as 12 years old and in teens. These dental devices are designed to correct issues like teeth that are rotated, out of place, crowded or misaligned, as... Read more
corona kids orthodontist

How to Get the Most Out of Your Visit to the Kids’ Orthodontist

One of the essential and non-negotiable steps in making sure your child’s teeth are in tip-top shape is to invest in the expertise of dental care professionals. No matter how diligent or meticulous you... Read more
braces corona kids

10 (Cheeky) Factoids About Braces

Recently, orthodontic braces have been gaining much attention in the news because numerous adult celebrities (such as Tom Cruise, Faith Hill, Mia Farrow,... Read more
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