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corona invisalign

When Invisalign Is Not Your Best Choice

Invisalign offers several advantages that conventional metal braces simply cannot offer. Unlike metal braces, these clear... Read more
halloween candy buy back 2015 Corona

Halloween Candy Buy Back

Good news! We are continuing the tradition of buying your kids' candy after Halloween! In... Read more
oral dental care kids Corona

A Corona Kids’ Orthodontist Reveals the Young Ones’ Important Responsibilities for Oral Maintenance

Getting orthodontic braces is life-changing for young people; it can be a crucial pre-requisite to getting a smile that they can fully be confident about. Oftentimes, however, most of them... Read more
Corona Invisalign teen

Better Teeth With Invisalign Teens – Corona Dentists Share 5 Things Parents Should Know

You recall being a teenager, don’t you? The awkwardness, the need to belong—add the element of poor teeth to these emotions, and you’re likely to feel uncomfortable about your appearance. This then... Read more
oral care bad habits

Corona Kids’ Dentists List Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Child’s Teeth

Brushing, flossing, eating nutritious food and paying regular visits to the dentist are all important in keeping your child's teeth healthy and strong. However, even with great care and professional attention,... Read more
dental emergency corona

Immediate Care for Kids: Corona Dentists’ Emergency Services

There's nothing worse than suffering from an intense toothache, or other kind of pain from a dental condition, and not being able to do anything about it. This can happen when you're in a remote foreign... Read more
Invisalign teen Corona

With Corona Invisalign, Teens Get the Advantages of Aligners Minus the Awkward Side Effects

Is your teen often sullen and unsmiling? Are you missing your teen’s younger, bubbly personality? You might want to check if it has something to do with her teeth. The teenage years naturally come... Read more
Corona orthodontist

Addressing Dental Issues in Kids: Corona Orthodontist Services

There's no telling what a child's teeth will look like when he grows older. You can get a fair idea by asking the... Read more
dental emergencies Corona

Corona Dentists for Kids List First Aid Care for Dental Emergencies

One minute, your kids are happily playing and then the next minute, one of them suddenly cries out and holds his hands up to his mouth. Dental emergencies in kids can happen practically anywhere, even... Read more
kids orthodontist in Corona

Corona Orthodontists for Kids Answer FAQs About Braces

After one of your child's visits to a dentist, he might be advised to use braces. The dentist may have given you a brief overview of the treatment, and yet you have a few lingering questions about... Read more
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