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Invisalign teens Corona

“Invisalign Teens” — Corona Orthodontists Cite Necessary Procedures Prior to Getting These Removable Braces

Young people nowadays who have smile issues are easily advised to get braces to have their teeth straightened out. For the longest time, the only options were the traditional metal braces which self-conscious... Read more
kids dentist in Corona

Choosing Your Kids’ Dentist – Corona Parents Look for a Proper Pediatric Dentist

There are dental offices that advertise themselves as family dental clinics with special provisions for catering to juvenile patients, but there may be no truth in their advertisement. For a dental clinic... Read more
girl after visiting an orthodontist in Corona

How Can Corona Orthodontists Help You?

If you need to straighten your teeth, your regular dentist may need to bow out of the job and simply refer you to a different dentist — an orthodontist, in particular. However, if your regular dentist... Read more
invisalign corona

With Invisalign, Corona Folks Discreetly Straighten Their Teeth

Do you lack the inclination to smile because of crooked or misaligned teeth? The solution seems simple enough: get braces. The problem with wearing traditional braces, however, is that you’re pretty... Read more
nutrition kids dentist recommends

Corona Kids’ Dentists Offer Nutritional Advice to Parents

Beyond regular brushing, flossing and visits to the dentist, nutrition plays a big part in keeping teeth healthy. For parents asking about the best types of food to give their children, here are a few... Read more
going to a kids orthodontist

When Is the Best Time for a Child to See a Corona Orthodontist?

A lot of young kids seem to be wearing braces these days, leading parents to ask whether is it a bit early for such an intervention. Some parents ask whether aligners are necessary at such an age when... Read more
braces for kids in Corona

How To Maintain Your Oral Health With Corona Braces

Wearing braces is more than just a cosmetic solution. With properly aligned teeth, you prevent problems such as jaw pain, teeth grinding (which leads to further oral issues), earache, headache, and even... Read more
girl with clear braces

What Braces for Kids Can Do for Your Little One’s Health and Self-Development

Crooked teeth may seem cute when kids are small and adorable, but over time these lead to serious consequences that go beyond oral health. The same goes for other orthodontic problems, such as too much... Read more
woman with invisalign in the corona office

Invisalign (Corona) for Children – The Clear Choice for Your Young One

Apart from dampening one's confidence, teeth misalignment can lead to potential oral health problems. Teeth that are too crowded or widely spaced, in particular, can lead to swollen gums which can eventually... Read more
kid needs orthodontics in Corona

How Can an Orthodontist for Children Help Improve Your Kid’s Smile?

When a child is born, parents can easily look at their little bundle of joy and see that he has 10 fingers, 10 toes, a cute nose, two ears, two eyes that will soon be able to see them, and good, strong... Read more
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