Corona braces can be used to rectify several dental issues including overcrowded teeth, malocclusions and overlapping teeth. However, these are not fashionable accessories your child will be excited to wear.

braces in coronaAs a parent, you may have the best intentions, wanting your child to have a good-looking smile. Your kid, on the other hand, may have other thoughts about wearing braces. More often than not, parents find it a struggle to encourage their children, especially teens, to take better care of their teeth while wearing braces. Here are some tips that can help your child take better care of his teeth while wearing these dental appliances.

Enlist the help of the orthodontist

If your child does not take good care of his teeth and braces, the wires may snap and the brackets may slip off.

Encouraging your child to talk openly with the orthodontist can give him a better perspective of the importance of taking care of his teeth and braces. For example, the orthodontist can tell your son or daughter that failing to take good care of the braces and practicing bad habits can slow down the progress of the treatment. He or she will have to wear the braces longer than he or she needs to.

Take it as an opportunity to teach your child

Once the braces have been installed on your child’s teeth, you can use this as an opportunity to teach him about responsibility. For example, you can say that you are financing the braces. For his part, your child has the responsibility to take care of his teeth and braces. That may mean practicing good oral hygiene, avoiding certain types of food, or even following the orthodontist’s instructions closely.

Consider your kid’s personality

Some children do not mind wearing braces and taking care of these. Others, however, couldn’t care less about looking after their braces. Factor in your child’s personality and use this as a way to approach your talk with regards to oral health care. Find what works for him and start from that. Perhaps, you can invest in an electric toothbrush which minimizes the tedium associated with brushing.

Be patient

Initially, your child may have misgivings about wearing braces. Perhaps you might notice that he now smiles less often. Just be patient. When he notices his progress, and as his smile improves, it becomes easier for you to encourage him to take better care of his teeth and braces.