Metal mouth. Two words that can be really mean when a kid says it to another kid in a certain tone. And when you were a kid way back when, you might have been one of many other children who had to walk around school with metal braces to correct crooked teeth.

Today, thankfully, kids have better options to getting straighter teeth — so good riddance to uncomfortable, embarrassing metal braces. From smaller, lighter, and colorful braces designed especially for kids to removable retainers, from fixed space maintainers to aligners, kids and teens have better options.

But what does a Corona dentist (Corona, CA) truly do for your kid’s dental health, aside from giving them straighter teeth?

Orthodontists do correct the teeth and jaws when they are misaligned. Some of these improper alignments include: overbites, underbites, openbites, crossbites, and overcrowding. Orthodontists also treat gaps or spaces due to missing teeth.

Apart from cosmetic reasons and a better appearance, orthodontistry also ensures your kids get healthier mouths. When your kids have crooked teeth or when their teeth do not fit properly, they will be at greater risk for tooth decay, which can then lead to other dental problems.

Misaligned teeth that aren’t treated could also cause more serious dental issues like periodontal disease. Periodontal disease could mean experiencing tender or bleeding gums, mouth sores, tooth loss, which will lead to further misalignment, and the dreaded bad breath.

Whether it’s an overbite or crossbite, your kid could also be forced to place undue stress on chewing muscles. This may lead to headaches. Other serious concerns would include TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome, a disorder of the jaw muscles and nerves.

Improperly aligned teeth, in severe cases, could also cause problems with speaking or eating.

Clearly, orthodontists go above and beyond the cosmetic purpose of braces and removable devices. By arranging an appointment with a Corona kid’s dentist that also specializes in orthodontistry, you can help your child avoid problems associated with misaligned or crooked teeth.

If your child needs it, he or she will benefit greatly from early treatment, namely growth modification. The right device or appliance will be designed and applied, and your kid will not have to deal with overbites, underbites, overcrowding, or gaps that cause all kinds of dental problems.

While orthodontistry might not be as affordable as regular checkups, consider the investment you will be making toward your child’s dental health — and consequently, to his or her overall health. So visit an orthodontist with your kid today.

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