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Dental Crowns To Save Your Child’s Tooth

Sometimes A Filling Cannot Fix The Tooth and A Crown May Be Needed

Dental Crowns For Kids

In some instances, your child may need a crown on their tooth instead of the tooth being filled.  This is normally the case when the tooth has severe decay or has gone through some type of trauma and there is just not enough of the tooth left to fill it.  The strength and longevity of the crown are dependent on several factors.  They also need to be treated like regular teeth which means making sure they stay clean and healthy.

When Is Kids Dental Crowned Used?

  • When a tooth is so severely broken that a regular filling cannot be used
  • The tooth has become severely decayed and there is not enough of the tooth’s structure remaining
  • To prevent a tooth from breaking because the child has had to have a root canal or partially removed nerve called a “pulpotomy.”

A crown is simply a piece of porcelain material that is shaped into a tooth and fits over the top of the remaining tooth.  One of our dentist will prepare the tooth for the crown which may involve removing any decay that is present and contouring the tooth to accommodate the new crown.  When the crown is placed, it is bonded to the tooth using a special cement.

A composite crown is not a strong as your child’s natural tooth.  That means your child will have to be careful in what they bite down on.  Hard foods like certain candies can put pressure on the crown and cause it to break.

If you child has a crown placed but has some discomfort afterwards, then you will need to call the office as soon as you can.

Keeping your child’s oral health in top condition is our priority.  Call us today for an appointment.  We are here to help.