Emergency Care

Emergency Care

No Charge for Emergency Exams & X-rays

One of the unique things about All Smiles Orthodontic & Children’s Dentistry is that we don’t charge for emergency exams or emergency x-rays. We only charge if we fix something, so you can come in to at least find out what’s wrong without paying a fee before you decide when you’d like to have the problem fixed. At our dental offices, our policies were developed with you in mind!

Reserved Openings for Dental Emergencies

There’s not much worse in dental care than being in tremendous pain from a toothache or other dental emergency and not being able to get an appointment with your dentist. All of our doctors reserve openings in our schedule every business day so we have the time needed to help patients in pain. That means if you come in with a cracked tooth, we will do everything we can to relieve your pain and fix the problem – the same day you come in!

Orthodontic Emergencies

The following is a list of simple solutions to the most common orthodontic emergencies:


  • Loose Band or Bracket Call office for re-cementation appointment. Please keep any bands that have come completely loose.
  • Loose Archwire Call office for emergency appointment. Meanwhile, try to replace wire into tube or bracket with tweezers.
  • Lost Ligature Wire/Colored O-Ring Please call for emergency appointment. Lost tie wires or elastic ties should be replaced as soon as it is convenient.
  • Anything Poking Try to bend the offending part back. A pencil eraser may be useful or cover area with wax. Call for emergency appointment.
  • Accidents or Injuries to teeth call our office as soon as possible so we can determine the proper course of action.
  • Some soreness is to be expected after an adjustment appointment. Over-the-counter pain medications may make you more comfortable. Warm salt water rinses can help irritated soft tissue.
  • After Hour Emergencies Please call the office. One of our doctors is always available to handle after hour emergencies. The answering machine will give you the phone number of the doctor on call.