Good news! We are continuing the tradition of buying your kids’ candy after Halloween!

In the first week after the holiday, from Tuesday 11/1/2016 to Tuesday 11/8/2016 during normal business hours, we will buy the Halloween candy from the kids.

We will give $1 per pound (up to $5) for all unopened Halloween candy.

The candy will be sent to our troops stationed in war zones, and you are encouraged to have the kids write the soldiers greeting notes or letters to brighten their day!

Candy Buy Back Halloween 2016 Corona

Candy Buy Back Halloween 2016 Corona

So everybody wins!

  • The kids are getting allowance

  • The soldiers are getting nice treats

  • You have less candy in your kid’s body

  • We have healthier and happier patients

Everybody is welcome! Not limited to our existing patients.

For any questions call us today: 951-356-4018