There’s nothing worse than suffering from an intense toothache, or other kind of pain from a dental condition, and not being able to do anything about it. This can happen when you’re in a remote foreign location for leisurely travels, for example, and there’s no dentist available for miles. Perhaps you’re in the middle of a crucial task at work and there’s no way you can leave the office for a quick visit to your dentist’s clinic. You’ve tried everything you can think of to lessen the pain, but nothing will work—and the pain just keeps going on and on, keeping you from concentrating on your task or from getting proper rest.

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If this should happen to a child, however, you (as the parent) are sure to feel much worse.

Children, especially the very young ones, may not be able to articulate their feelings well. They could simply be crying and gesturing to their mouth or teeth to indicate that they are feeling pain in that area, but you have no way of knowing what the exact problem is. In addition, their frantic and persistent crying makes you more anxious about helping them to experience pain relief as quickly as possible.

In order to avoid this from occurring, it’s best to know exactly whom to call whenever dental pain arises in your household, and especially among your kids. Corona dentists who specialize in children’s dentistry should be in your contacts list, and you have to be sure that the ones you’ve taken note of can provide emergency dental services.

Here’s what you can expect from dental experts that offer emergency dental care for little ones:

Available and reserved openings for dental emergencies

You wouldn’t want to rush your child to a dental office that cannot set up appointments for emergency cases, especially when your child already needs immediate attention.

So way before your child requires immediate dental care, take time to check out the dentists in your location and find out which ones go out of their way to reserve openings in their daily schedules for emergency patients, even after hours. This way, you have the best chance of getting your child’s cracked tooth, swollen gums or other dental crisis resolved in the same day that you bring her in.

Emergency X-rays and examinations that are free of charge

Most parents would say that there is no expense too great when it comes to ensuring their children’s health, comfort and happiness. However, in more economically challenging times, it can be a relief to find that not every single action taken has to cost you, especially when you’re already worried about your child being in pain.

It helps to visit a dental clinic that doesn’t charge for emergency exams or X-rays. You can take your child to the clinic to discover the root of the problem without paying for anything; the dentist will only charge for services when he fixes something. This way, you won’t have to shell out money for your child’s diagnosis, and then pay more for the actual treatment or procedure. You can decide on the best move to make next for your child, according to the dentist’s recommendations, without paying for anything yet.

Dentists and staff who are experienced in and prepared for handling emergency situations

A child in pain is not something you want to witness, if you can help it. Your child is crying, complaining of her pain, and refusing to be consoled or cheered up by anyone. You’ll want to put your child’s care in the hands of dentists and their teams who know how to comfort children and administer treatment effectively so that they can finally experience relief. Patient, efficient and compassionate dentists are your best allies during such situations.