Kids Braces

Kids Braces

Kids dental services are an important part of ensuring your child achieves a beautiful, healthy smile. Orthodontics may be necessary to help correct bite issues or teeth that are crowded or not straight. The type of orthodontic issues your child may face can vary and may include teeth that are rotated or out of place. In other instances, the bite may be crossed or uneven. Regardless of the issues your child may be experiencing, a trained pediatric dentist can prescribe the right orthodontic treatment so that your child can enjoy a beautiful smile for the rest of his or her life.

Orthodontic appliances may be made of plastic, ceramic or metal. Although most people are familiar with traditional braces that are bonded to the teeth, there are also now many other options available, including removable braces. Braces that are removable can provide young patients with a number of advantages, including the ability to remove dental devices while eating. By utilizing a gentle, constant force in a direction that is carefully controlled, orthodontic appliances can help to move the teeth slowly into the proper position.

Modern orthodontics can provide an array of options to help your child achieve a beautiful smile. In some instances, you may even be able to choose the color of your orthodontic appliances. Wires are also much less noticeable than in the past, providing patients with increased self-confidence while undergoing treatment. Additionally, the latest technologies have made it possible to move teeth into the correct position much faster and with more comfort.

When consulting a children dentist, many patients and their families often have questions regarding the duration of treatment. It is important to understand that treatment time may vary based on a child’s unique situation. Typically, treatment time lasts between one and three years. Factors that may affect a patient’s duration of treatment include their age, the severity of the problem, and the treatment method utilized. One of the most important factors affecting the length of treatment is the diligence a patient exercises.

It is also important to receive early treatment to ensure a faster treatment time. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, it is best for children to receive an orthodontic screening by the time they reach age 7. By this time, the jaws and teeth have typically developed sufficiently to allow the orthodontist or dentist to determine whether there are any serious bite problems present. Although treatment is not typically required by this age, a screening does provide parents and the physician with time to watch the patient’s development, as well as determine the best treatment method. Once a child’s permanent teeth have erupted, which typically occurs between ages 12 and 14, braces may be placed to ensure detailing and alignment of the bite.

Prior to starting your child’s orthodontic care, your doctor will discuss available options as well as offer an estimate regarding the length of full treatment. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment as well as learn more about orthodontics and the various treatments available.