Most children cannot be relied on to take really good care of their own teeth. Therefore, it’s the job of parents and other caregivers to make sure that those little chompers will not develop cavities and lead to awful toothaches for the young ones. It’s a responsibility that adults have to be consistent with, which kids can be expected to make it difficult to uphold.

Kids dentistry tips CoronaSo here are some easy tips that children will not struggle with, and will work effectively to improve their oral health.

  • Powered toothbrushes can be really helpful for kids’ dental care. Since most of them are still struggling with fine motor skills, the movement of powered toothbrushes can actually make the task easier and more effective. Just make sure to purchase the right size for the little ones’ hands.
  • Encourage gum chewing. A lot of parents are not keen on this because most kids tend to swallow gum, but chewing gum that is sugarless and has Xylitol in place of regular gum is actually good for the teeth. Gum chewing will help get rid of food sediments stuck in between spaces of the teeth because it stimulates saliva production. Plus, the Xylitol in gum also prevents bacteria from sticking to the teeth’s enamel, which can lead to decay. Parents should just make sure the young ones don’t swallow; time the chewing and personally see the children spit out the gum.
  • Make the children snack on cheese. This popular dairy product is a great source of calcium for strong teeth but it also can help fight cavities. Eating cheese stimulates the salivary glands to clear the mouth of food sediments and protects the teeth from acids that weaken them.
  • Don’t use too much toothpaste because it’s counterproductive. A chubby goop of toothpaste, as well as the overwhelming minty-ness of the toothpaste, will just make a bigger froth which may lead the little ones to believe that they have already brushed enough, when in fact they haven’t. Just use a small amount so kids can properly see their teeth and brush thoroughly.
  • Make flossing easy. Choose simple-to-use flosses for the children so they can get into the habit much more easily. For really small children, electric or air flossers are really effective because they effectively remove pesky plaque build-up. All the little ones have to do is point the gadget between their teeth and click to release a quick, cleansing burst of both air and micro droplets of water. Also, with these flossers, children can be prevented from flossing too hard and scratching their gums.
  • Choose a good pediatric dental clinic. We at All Smiles are committed to ensuring the comfort of our young patients. Our pediatric dentists have a special set of skills to make every visit pleasant. We can assure you that your kids will not put up a fight to have their teeth checked; in fact, they may even look forward to every scheduled check-up with us.

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