Tooth Colored Fillings

tooth colored fillings corona california

Tooth Colored Fillings For A Beautiful and Natural Looking Smile

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, cavities or tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood health problem.  If your child develops cavities, they need to get them taken care of right away even if the decay is in the primary teeth.

You may be asking, “If the primary teeth are going to fall out, then why worry about the decay and treating it?”  The fact is that it is important for the primary teeth to stay in position to the teeth behind them are ready to erupt.  They are needed in order to help your child chew their food and develop proper speaking ability and speech patterns.  They also serve as the placeholders for the permanent teeth and if they come out too soon, it could cause alignment problems.

Don’t Leave Cavities Untreated

One reason you should not leave cavities untreated is because it can progress to the point of entering the tooth’s inner core, exposing the nerve and causing them pain.  If it is not treated, it most likely will lead to them having to have a root canal.

Our goal in the office is to make sure we take every step possible to save primary teeth that have experienced decay rather than removing them.  Saving the tooth requires us cleaning out the decay and filling the tooth with a tooth colored resin material that will give your child a natural looking smile.

When filling the tooth, we will take every precaution necessary to make sure your child is comfortable.  We can also use sedation dentistry to help relax them which will also help you as the parent be more at ease while the treatment is being done.

If you have noticed that your child has a cavity or they are complaining of tooth pain, don’t waste any time getting to the office.  Call us today and let’s get them treated and make sure they don’t have any other issues that could lead to something more serious.