Understanding Braces – A Corona Orthodontist Answers Questions About the Discomforts of Wearing Them

Braces are normally worn at the onset of adolescence. Young people get them at the age of twelve or thirteen — right when they mostly have permanent teeth in their mouth. These corrective implements for the teeth definitely look uncomfortable, and they feel uncomfortable, too — especially after they’ve just been attached.

If you’re a parent and you want to prepare your child better for orthodontic braces, Corona orthodontists answer the following questions below from patients about the discomforts of having braces that your kid is likely to experience. They also provide solutions that can make the years spent wearing braces significantly better.

Are there removable braces that can be used instead of the traditional metal wires and brackets?

Invisalign is the removable option. They’re invisible, removable trays that can fix teeth alignment issues. Many like these invisible braces because nobody will know you’re fixing your teeth unless you tell them.

Can I take pain relievers when my teeth and gums are throbbing in pain after an adjustment?

Yes. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen can alleviate the pains after adjustments. However, if you can, it’s better to hold off on the drugs and explore other pain relieving methods.

What non-toxic pain relieving options are there?

Cold treats like popsicles or ice cream are good options. The numbing cold of these treats provides quick relief from the pain and as well as the swelling of the gums. These are loaded with sugar, though, so drink lots of water after having some.

I keep getting sores on the insides of my cheeks because the brackets and wires scratch them. How do I prevent this kind of pain?

This is what orthodontist wax is for. When the braces are fitted, you might feel a protruding arch wire that is scratching the inner part of your mouth. Applying orthodontist wax will reduce the friction brace, teeth and gums that usually leads to painful sores.

How do I use orthodontist wax?

Break off some wax from its container and squish some with your fingers (as if you’re working with modeling clay) to form a small mold. Place the mold on the bracket that’s scratching the skin inside your mouth. Just remove the wax mold when you need to brush and floss your teeth.

What is the proper way to brush teeth with all the wires and brackets attached to them?

Just brush up and down like you normally do for initial brushing; however, use an interproximal brush to target the tiny space between two brackets afterwards. Wiggle the tiny brush in between to really dislodge food debris. After brushing, floss.

What are the foods to avoid while braces are worn?

The following are bad for your braces:

– Whole apples and anything that you bite into

– Toffee, taffy, gummy candies and gum

– Corn on a cob

– Tough meats

Your kids will only wear braces, Corona for a few years; over time, they simply will get used to them. But if the young ones are struggling with the discomforts they create, use the solutions we have provided here to alleviate pain and prevent them from frequently occurring.

Do you have other questions? Get in touch with us because we’re more than happy to provide you the answers you’re looking for about teeth correction and braces.