A lot of young kids seem to be wearing braces these days, leading parents to ask whether is it a bit early for such an intervention. Some parents ask whether aligners are necessary at such an age when children still have baby teeth. In short, parents are asking when the best time to see a Corona orthodontist is.

going to a kids orthodontistMany orthodontists, especially those who belong to the American Association of Orthodontists, believe that the best time to see one is when the child reaches the age of seven years old. Why seven?

Indeed, some of the dental problems that need the attention of an orthodontist may not necessarily be treated at that age. However, the signs of such problems can be detected as early at that age.

A child loses his baby teeth in a specific order. For example, a child will lose eight baby teeth between the ages of six and eight years old and will be replaced by eight permanent teeth. At age seven, the child should have a set of four permanent molars and four incisors.

However, there are some children whose tooth loss and replacement deviate from this pattern. And as such, they become prone to developing problems like crowding or having extra teeth. In some cases, a child loses a tooth too early, which presents a few problems later on.

At the age of seven years old, an orthodontist can determine whether a child will have an issue of crowding or spacing. Spacing problems often arise when a child loses baby teeth too early or when the replacement tooth never develops or is too small. In crowding, the orthodontist can either use arches or simply remove a tooth.

Teeth alignment issues can be remedied when a child grows older. However, a younger patient still needs to see an orthodontist to prevent undue wear or trauma to the teeth. The orthodontist can also position and shape gum tissue.

Although a set of protrusive front teeth cannot be permanently corrected at a young age, an orthodontist can lessen the severity of the problem at age seven, allowing a child to prevent the embarrassment of having this dental problem.

Underbites are best treated between the ages of 16 and 18. However, a child with this dental issue may suffer from bite shifting and damaged front teeth. Here, an orthodontist can use preliminary remedies to help stem other problems associated with this issue until a permanent solution can be used.

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