Preparing Your Child

Suggestions for a Great 1st Visit

Our goal is to create a fun and safe environment for your child.   We want your child to enjoy coming to see us, even look forward to it. At all times, we will treat him as we would our own, or as we would want our child treated if he were to see the dentist.

PREPARE YOUR CHILD: Talking about your child’s dental visit at home will help him understand why he is going to visit the dentist, and may help reduce some anxiety.  You can practice some of the things that your child may experience while at the office.  You can brush your teeth together, and then practice counting his/her teeth.  You may also practice asking your child to open his/her mouth to get their teeth checked, and letting them “check” your teeth.

WORDS TO USE: In order to help us make your child’s visit the best it can be, it is important to be careful about the words you use and the way you talk about the visit.  Please support our efforts by avoiding negative words often associated with a dental visit.  Here are our suggestions:


  • Needle or Shot
  • Drill your tooth
  • Pull or yank a tooth
  • Cavity, decay
  • Exam
  • Explorer
  • Rubber Dam
  • Nitrous Oxide

  • Sleepy Juice or Drops
  • Brush your teeth
  • Wiggle a tooth
  • Sugar bug
  • Count your teeth
  • Tooth Counter
  • Raincoat
  • Laughing gas or Silly air

We try to use positive and caring vocabulary in a fun and safe environment.